Ron Johnson’s Campaign Promise: I’m Going to Take Away Your Health Care and Raise Your Taxes

Mar 17, 2022


March 16, 2022

Contact: Philip Shulman (philip.shulman@wisdems.org)

MADISON, Wis. — Ron Johnson has made clear that should he win a third term, his top priorities are going to be raising taxes on 32% of Wisconsinites, as well repealing the Affordable Care Act and ending protections for people with pre-existing conditions. 

“Let’s give credit where credit is due: Ron Johnson is finally telling Wisconsinites that his self-serving agenda of raising taxes on working Wisconsinites while ripping away their health care is his top priority should he win a third term,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Senate Communications Advisor Philip Shulman.

Johnson, who previously bemoaned using the tax code for “social engineering,” had the 2017 GOP Tax Scam bill changed in a way that benefitted himself and his biggest donors. While Johnson still won’t admit how much he made, his two biggest donors made $215 million in 2018 alone. Now, Johnson is looking for a way to pay for his exuberant spending spree and is pushing for everyday Wisconsinites to pick up his and his donors’ tab.

To make matters worse, Johnson is doubling down on his efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Johnson first ran for the Senate in 2010 on this pledge, and has taken dozens of votes to do so, led a lawsuit to undermine the law, cast the deciding vote to send a full repeal to the floor of the Senate, and specifically targeted the provision that prevents insurers from discriminating against individuals with pre-existing conditions.