Ron Johnson Investigation Requested Over "Illegal Corporate Contributions"

Jul 14, 2015

Independent Group Files Seven-Page Complaint With FEC Over Johnson Self-Pay Out

Senator Ron Johnson’s $10 million self-pay out is receiving renewed scrutiny after an independent group filed a condemning seven-page complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Johnson’s use of illegal corporate contributions. The complaint details how Senator Johnson loaned his 2010 U.S. Senate campaign $9 million, then wrote himself a $10 million check from his plastics company, PACUR.

Johnson refused to address the self-pay out when asked 2011. “I don’t have to explain it any further to someone like you,” Johnson exclaimed when asked to identify how he decided to compensate himself or if his “deferred compensation agreement” was discussed with any relevant federal agencies.
“It’s impossible for Senator Ron Johnson to understand the needs and concerns of Wisconsin families when his definition of overcoming adversity is writing himself a $10 million check. Ron Johnson is so out-of-touch he didn’t just break the rules, he attempted to make his own by awarding himself an eight figure self-pay out,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Jake Hajdu said Tuesday.
The complaint asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate Johnson’s use of illegal corporate contributions from PACUR and enforce a maximum penalty permitted by law.
Johnson’s self-pay out is drawing scrutiny as he refuses to give a yes or no answer on Russ Feingold’s proposed Badger Pledge, a bipartisan agreement to keep tens of millions in dark money out of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate race.