Ron Johnson is Confused About the Definitions of Support and Endorse, So We Sent Him a Dictionary

May 18, 2016

While talking about his new pal, Donald Trump, the past few days, Senator Johnson has been confused over the definition of the words “support” vs “endorse.” He seems to think that the two words have different meanings, but he’s sadly mistaken. Of course, Wisconsinites know that Sen. Johnson’s word soup is classic Washington Insider doublespeak (cc Sen. Kelly Ayotte). But just to make sure there’s no room for error the next time he talks about endorsing…or…supporting The Donald, we took the liberty of sending him a dictionary to clear up any confusion he may have.

The dictionary should arrive at Johnson’s Washington office in the next few days, but here’s a preview:

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We highlighted the definition of “endorse” for the senator…

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And did the same thing for the word “support…”

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We wrote Sen. Johnson a letter along with the dictionary. In case you can’t read it, here’s the text

Dear Senator Johnson,

We heard you on Mike Daly’s Show on Sunday talking about your endorsement…err…support for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. You sounded confused about the definitions of the words “support” and “endorse.” Here’s a dictionary that should help clear up any confusion you may still have over the difference (hint: there is none). We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting the definitions and synonyms of support and endorse in the dictionary and put them below.

From American Heritage Dictionary

      Endorse (p. 252): To express approval of or give support to

      Support (p. 728): To aid the cause of by approving or favoring, synonym:           endorse

For future reference when you talk about “supporting” vs. “endorsing” Donald Trump, you should keep in mind that the words are synonyms. There is no difference.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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All ready to go…

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             Packing it up…

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                  On its way!