Ron Johnson jumps to defend extremist Rebecca Bradley

Mar 18, 2016

We already knew that Sen. Ron Johnson plans to support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, but it’s his support for a candidate right here at home that raises even more  serious questions on his judgement.

Sen. Johnson has now rushed to defend extremist Rebecca Bradley, who infamously penned blatantly homophobic, sexist, and abhorrent comments about comments about the very Wisconsinites over whom she would preside. Yet rather than condemning Bradley, Sen. Johnson praised her as exactly the type of person he wants in a judge.

LISTEN to the clip and read the transcript of Johnson’s comments below::


JOHNON: If you ever ask yourself the question, how come we don’t have more good people run for public office? Go no further than take a look at what’s been happening to Rebecca Bradley. A real judge, by the way. Somebody who has the restraint, the integrity, the fidelity to the written Constitution. That’s what we need.