Ron Johnson’s Beltway Blunder – The “Democrats Were Right Again” Edition

May 27, 2016

Senator Johnson has finally decided it might be worthwhile to listen to Wisconsinites about TSA lines, but only after a gentle push from Democrats. For months TSA lines have grown longer and longer. Millions of Americans have been stuck waiting for hours at security checkpoints. Senator Johnson chairs the Senate committee that oversees the TSA, but he was too busy explaining the difference between supporting and endorsing Donald Trump to care about the issue. In fact, while he’s been chair of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, the number of agents and scanners at airports has fallen.

To be fair, the Senator’s focus has been on courting Republican mega-donors who fly private jets and don’t need to worry about the problems of everyday Wisconsinites. So since the Senator couldn’t be bothered with the issue, we decided to help him out. On Monday we sent a press release highlighting Johnson’s inaction on the issue. Four days later Johnson miraculously decided to hold a hearing on the issue. You’re welcome for the advice Senator.