Ron Johnson’s Beltway Blunder: The “Hope Springs Eternal” Edition

Jun 17, 2016

Ever the optimist, Sen. Johnson is holding fast on his commitment to Donald Trump. Like a true Washington insider, Johnson’s been ducking and dodging tough questions about his embrace of the presumptive Republican nominee. But when confronted by Chuck Todd about his passion for all things Trump, Johnson was thrown off his carefully memorized talking points.

After saying six times in two minutes that he was focused on “looking for areas of agreement” with Trump, Johnson was asked if he could win an election with Donald Trump’s as his party’s standard bearer. His response: “hope spring eternal.”

Robot Ron’s eternal optimism when it comes to his support for Trump gets him this week’s Beltway Blunder.


TODD: I’ve heard a lot of senators say similar things to what you did,’Well,if he would just dothis,if he would just dothis,if he would just do this.’ [00:07:00.00] It never seems to happen.

JOHNSON: Well, hope springs eternal, Chuck.

TODD: So you’re still optimistic that you can run with him and you can win with him at the top of the ticket in Wisconsin?

JOHNSON: I said hope springs eternal.

TODD: Senator Ron Johnson, I will leave it there, because clearly, you would like to leave it there. Appreciate it.