Ron Johnson’s Beltway Blunder: The Ronald Just Can't Get Enough of the Donald

May 13, 2016

Ron Johnson must have been a big fan of the Apprentice. This week he heaped more praise on his new pal “The Donald” saying, “he’s [Trump] exactly who you see on TV…I kind of appreciate that.” While Johnson and other Washington Republicans are latching onto Trump as their standard bearer Wisconsin, Republicans like Charlie Sykes, continue to disagree with Johnson’s steadfast support for Trump.

Trump’s sexist, racist and xenophobic remarks haven’t done anything to soften Johnson’s support. Rather, it’s allowed Wisconsinites to examine exactly the sort of values Ron Johnson is willing to endorse. Just this campaign cycle, Trump has proposed banning Muslims from the country, punishing women for their own health care decisions, restricting the press, and hesitated to denounce the KKK. Is that the “authenticity” that Johnson is so impressed by?