Ron Johnson’s Beltway Blunder – Week of April 24, 2016

Apr 29, 2016

Note: This is the first installation in a new series on Ron Johnson’s Beltway Blunders. Each Friday we’ll be releasing one of Senator Johnson’s most inaccurate, out of touch, ultra-conservative or just downright amusing comments he made on cable TV, talk radio, or overheard in the halls of Congress or on K Street. It won’t be hard to find quotes, but it may be hard to choose just one.
The inaugural Beltway Blunder goes to comments Sen. Johnson made on his pal Vicki McKenna’s show claiming that Americans making over $400,000 are jumping at the opportunity to quit their jobs for a piece of good life on government assistance.
Listen to Sen. Johnson’s comments here.
In smoke-filled rooms across Washington DC, Johnson keeps hearing the same thing: Americans are desperate to make less money.  If there’s one thing Sen. Johnson and his wealthy backers in Washington understand it’s that Americans choose to be poor because they’re lazy and the government gravy train is just too good to pass up.  
In Ron Johnson’s Washington, families making $10,000 a year are the lucky ones. 
But like any true Washington politician, Johnson says one thing and does another. While dismissing the real hardships that many Wisconsin families face, Sen. Johnson was happy to collect $10 million in deferred compensation fromPACURwhen his campaign ended.