?RPW Sounds The Alarm: Paul Ryan All In For Leah Vukmir?

Jun 29, 2018

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Friday, June 29, 2018
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RPW Sounds The Alarm: Paul Ryan All In For Leah Vukmir 

Ryan robocall for Vukmir signals party anxiety over Dick Uihlein’s continued spending for Kevin Nicholson

MADISON — It’s just the latest indication that the Republican Party of Wisconsin is going all in to stop Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein from buying a Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate primary for Kevin Nicholson, but the state Republican Party is currently paying for robocalls featuring Speaker of the House Paul Ryan promoting Leah Vukmir over Nicholson.

“I hope you join me in supporting Leah Vukmir for U.S. Senate,” closes RPW-sponsored robocall, as recorded on Wednesday, following Ryan and Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s Monday endorsement of Vukmir.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is rushing to rally support behind Vukmir ahead of August’s GOP primary — but not everyone is on the same page. Illinois billionaire Dick Uihlein continues to spend big to buy Kevin Nicholson the primary, including by dropping a $200,000 pro-Nicholson buy on Tuesday.

And Kevin Nicholson isn’t giving up either. Despite U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s plea for Nicholson and Vukmir to “do nothing to harm the other candidate,” Nicholson has continued to attack Vukmir on the campaign trail. Most recently, following Ryan and Sensenbrenner’s endorsements, Nicholson on Tuesday attacked Vukmir as the “insider’s insider candidate.”