Russ Feingold Puts Ron Johnson in Big Trouble

May 20, 2015

Publications agree Russ Feingold has rolled out a strong candidacy

Out-of-touch multimillionaire Ron Johnson is in serious trouble after Russ Feingold declared he’s running for the U.S. Senate. Wisconsin welcomed Feingold into the Senate race immediately. Feingold has already received a campaign donation from every county in Wisconsin and his Facebook video has received over a quarter-million views.

Publications across the country lauded Feingold’s entry to the U.S. Senate race as an experienced candidate guaranteed to put Ron Johnson on notice.

Capital Times: ”Perhaps The Only Other Wisconsinite Who Could Cause This Much Excitement Is Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.”


MSNBC: Feingold Is Considered A “Strong Potential Challenger” To Johnson.


Politico: Feingold Started The 2016 Race With An Apparent Advantage Over Johnson.

PoliticoFeingold Enters The Race In A Remarkably Strong Position For A Challenger.

Capital Times: Headline: “Russ Feingold is running to restore our economic well-being”

Washington Post: Feingold Struck A “Strong Populist Tone In His Video Announcement.”

WAOW: UW-Stevens Point Political Science Professor Dennis Riley: I Expect Feingold To Be A Formidable Candidate.

Capital Times: Feingold “Gladdened The Hearts Of Wisconsin Democrats” When He Announced He Was Going To Run Against Johnson.