Scott Walker Signs Anti-Worker, Anti-Family, Anti-Opportunity Budget

Jul 12, 2015

Following is a statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning on the 2015-17 state budget signed today by Scott Walker.

“As he prepares to announce his campaign for president tomorrow, Scott Walker today signed one of the worst budgets for Wisconsin families in our state’s history.

“From attacks on the ability of workers to earn a fair wage to underfunding our public schools and ignoring needed investments in infrastructure while kicking the can down the road with more and more debt, everything about this budget flies in the face of what actually works for creating economic opportunity for all.

“So contrary to Scott Walker’s statement that his budget ‘puts the taxpayers first,’ this budget is Walker for President propaganda that puts Walker’s political ambitions ahead of what’s best for our middle class.

“It’s a shame that Republicans in the legislature rubberstamped Walker’s budget instead of working with Democrats to make it better; Democrats offered real solutions that work to support a vibrant middle class economy. Wisconsin deserves better than this irresponsible budget full of misplaced priorities.”