Scott Walker's Convention Speech: Please Nominate Me in 2020

Jul 20, 2016

The headlines coming out of Cleveland about Scott Walker haven’t been about the Governor supporting Donald Trump, bringing a divided Republican Party together, or spending time with the Wisconsin delegation. Instead, headline after headline has been about Walker trying to relive his failed presidential campaign and setting the stage for another run in 2020. 

Walker’s speech tonight only validated these assertions with his convention speech only telling Republicans one thing: “please nominate me for president in 2020.”

As always, Walker chose his own personal ambition over the best interests of others, this time at the expense of the entire Republican Party. Walker is no stranger to divisive politics, and it is clear his support of Trump is half-hearted and politically expedient. 

Before the convention even began, Paul Ryan couldn’t find his partner in crime, Scott Walker, who was too busy schmoozing the Iowa delegation trying to re-live his failed presidential bid and couldn’t be bothered by his own fellow Wisconsinites.

Walker’s own failed presidential ambitions once again came at the expense of Wisconsin taxpayers, who were forced to cover over a million dollars in transportation and security costs. In addition, Walker treated the state plane like his own personal Uber, running away from the people of he’s supposed to represent whenever he wanted. 

What we heard tonight from Walker tonight only validates that his actions at the Republican National Convention are about setting himself up to run in 2020, not help sow party unity or support Donald Trump. 

“As always, Scott Walker is only looking out for himself, not the people of Wisconsin or even his own party. Tonight, Walker trotted out a desperate plea for voters to turn to the 2020 presidential election, assuming that Wisconsin and the entire country will reject Donald Trump’s dangerous ideas and divisive rhetoric in November,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday.