Sen. Ron Johnson Continues to Hug Trump as The Donald Marches Towards GOP Nomination

Mar 08, 2016

Sen. Ron Johnson Continues to Hug Trump as The Donald Marches Towards GOP Nomination

MADISON – Today is another Republican Primary day with Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi casting ballots where Donald Trump is expected to continue his march to the nomination. Trump has a commanding delegate advantage and is leading the Republican field in the majority of the states that still need to vote.

Senator Ron Johnson continues to say he will support whoever the Republican nominee is, even if that is Donald Trump. Despite Trump’s bombastic and divisive language, Johnson continues to hold him close.

Ron Johnson has said he understands the appeal of Trump and that people are looking towards his type of leadership. Johnson has gone so far to use Trump’s talking points, saying voters “are looking for America to win again.”

With Ron Johnson holding Donald Trump this close, it is clear he cannot represent Wisconsin values in the Senate.