Sen. Ron Johnson’s Donald Duck

Jun 08, 2016

Keeping all of Ron Johnson’s ducks in a row

Today the Democratic Party of Wisconsin launches a new series. As Sen. Johnson ducks and dodges his way through questions over his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, we wanted to make sure you didn’t lose track of his feats of verbal gymnastics. Starting today we will keep track of all of  Sen. Johnson’s, dives, dodges and ducks. We’ll keep a running tally and add a duck every time he tries to hide from his support of Trump. Check out the inaugural “Donald Duck” below:

Senator Johnson refuses to pull his support for Donald Trump, despite the presumptive Republican nominee’s blatantly racist comments. Now, instead of facing reality like Mark Kirk or Lindsey Graham, Sen. Johnson is in hiding. Like a true Washington politician, he’s decided to duck tough questions from reporters about his support for Trump. According to Morning Consult, yesterday when asked about Trump, “[Senator Johnson] literally ducked reporters as he walked into an elevator, saying only that Trump should “retract” his statement.”

But “The Ronald” can’t run and hide from his support of “The Donald.” For ducking into an elevator to avoid defending Trump’s racism, we award Sen. Johnson our inaugural Donald Duck!