Senate Democrats' Badger Blueprint Invests in Wisconsin

Oct 06, 2015

Senate Democrats’ Badger Blueprint Invests in Wisconsin
Plan Would Invest in Education and Job Training

Madison - Martha Laning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, today called on the Republican Leadership to work with Wisconsin Senate Democrats to implement the Badger Blueprint to spark job creation in our state. She issued the following statement.

“Wisconsinites want to go to work. They are tired of our state being dead last in the nation for start ups, watching job growth happen faster in every neighboring state, and seeing opportunities pass our state by because our governor is focused on his next job instead of providing Wisconsin residents with their next job.

The Senate Democrats’ Badger Blueprint is a strong new path for our state and I hope our governor and legislature will work with them to invest in making our state a leader in job growth and opportunity.

The damage done to our economy by the extreme policies pushed on our state by Governor Walker during his failed presidential bid needs to be undone. The most recent job numbers show our state continues to lag behind the national average for private-sector job growth.

The Badger Blueprint offered by the Senate Democrats offers a new path to get real Wisconsin job creation started again by investing in growth, innovation, and opportunity. 

Now that he isn’t trying to outdo other Republicans in a presidential primary, it’s time for Governor Walker to make decisions that are best for the people of Wisconsin instead of his campaign. 

At UW-Stout yesterday Governor Walker said he will focus on getting people trained to fill the worker shortage our state has for skilled manufacturing jobs. He said our biggest challenge is making sure people have the skills they need to fill these jobs as he stood on a campus still trying to deal with the millions he cut from their budget.

The Badger Blueprint addresses those needs by investing in our state’s university and technical college system so they can get workers the skills they need in the areas where Wisconsin businesses have high demand. This will give more Wisconsin residents real opportunities to get ahead in this changing economy. These Democratic ideas are real solutions, while Governor Walker’s cuts to education, our universities and communities will keep dragging our economy down.”