Wisconsin Republicans are All Aboard the Trump Train

May 06, 2016

On Tuesday, Donald Trump successfully completed his hostile takeover of the Republican Party by winning the Indiana primary which forced out his two main rivals and all but secured the Republican presidential nomination. Donald Trump’s dangerous, sexist, racist, and xenophobic rhetoric didn’t stop Republican leaders in Wisconsin from eagerly jumping on the Trump train. 

“Throughout the entire primary season, Democrats have acted presidential, sharing ideas on how to make the economy work for everyone, make higher education affordable, raise wages for workers, increase access to quality and affordable healthcare, and invest in hard-working families through paid family leave,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, Martha Laning, said on Friday. “Any responsible leader can see that Donald Trump is dangerous and lacks both the judgement and the temperament to be president. His nomination is a result of the Republicans elevating extreme voices and using divisive campaigns for years that sought to exploit unfounded fears for political gain. Republicans in Wisconsin should rip up their tickets to the Trump Train.”

Immediately after it became clear that Trump would be their Party’s nominee. Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Rep. Kathy Bernier and WisGOP 3rd Congressional District Chair all climbed aboard the Trump Train despite months of The Donald denigrating women, promoting misogyny, and exploiting cultural fears in the pursuit of getting elected. Their support is a clear indication of what the Republican Party has become, a party so concerned with grabbing power that they’ll allow a bombastic billionaire to bully his way to the Oval Office.  

Even Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest ranking elected leader in the Republican Party, can’t bring himself to denounce dangerous Donald Trump’s pursuit of the Presidency. Yesterday, Ryan announced that he wasn’t ready to support Donald Trump as the Party’s nominee, but noted that he hoped to support The Donald if he could unify the party. Speaker Ryan declined to mention any specific policy or platform change Trump would have to amend to garner his support, even as voters have heard outlandish and dangerous ideas from Trump like refusing to rule out using nuclear weapons on European territory or his proposal to take away a woman’s right to make her own health choices and punish women who had abortions. 

“As Republicans attempt to reconcile their failed strategy of running to the extreme, fervent base of their own Party during the primary, one thing is clear: Donald Trump is a dangerous candidate who should not be a serious consideration for the highest office in the nation. Our country deserves a President with the experience, intelligence and class to serve as leader of the free world. Republicans who board the Trump Train or fail to denounce Donald Trump and his candidacy in an outright manner are doing a disservice to Wisconsinites and their country. Thankfully we have two outstanding Democratic candidates for President who will continue to treat the office with the respect we all know the position deserves. Democrats will be united and hold Donald Trump accountable every day until November 8th.” concluded Laning.