Senator Johnson and Donald Trump May Not Need It – But Wisconsinites Want to Strengthen Social Security, Not Dismantle It

May 05, 2016

If Senator Johnson has his way, Social Security, as millions of Americans know it, would never be the same. He has called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme”, and said it was a “shame” George Bush wasn’t able to privatize it before the markets crashed in 2008. 

Johnson doesn’t need Social Security after the $10 million golden parachute he got from PACUR, and apparently he thinks the people of Wisconsin don’t’ either. With his retirement already set, Johnson is free to focus on the plans of the billionaires financing his campaign. Unlike Johnson, and his new pal Donald Trump, however, everyday Wisconsinites depend on Social Security to retire with dignity. 

Listen to the radio ad DPW is running on Johnson’s Social Security plans.