Senator Johnson Silent After Trump's Sexist Comments

Sep 28, 2016

Senator Johnson is not physically by Trump’s side today, but when it comes to Trump’s anti-women agenda, the two could not be any closer. For months Senator Johnson has stood by Trump despite the Republican nominee’s repeated sexist statements. So it is no surprise that Johnson has stayed silent after Trump’s cruel and misogynistic comments about Alicia Machado. Given a chance to weigh in on Trump’s debate performance, Johnson ducked and dodged, saying “I have no idea. I’m not a pundit.Apparently sexism doesn’t cross a line for Senator Johnson.

Sadly, it’s part of a pattern for Senator Johnson, who has spent years in Washington pushing an anti-women agenda. In less than six years he’s voted five times against legislation that would help women fight for equal pay for equal work and twice against the Violence Against Women Act. At the same time he’s voted to defund access to women’s healthcare, called his effort to defund Planned Parenthood “fun,” and supported a personhood amendment would outlaw many forms of birth control. And this month marks the anniversary of Johnson’s effort to shutdown the government over Planned Parenthood.

“Given the choice to speak up against Donald Trump’s sexist comments, Senator Johnson stayed silent, and that speaks volumes. Sadly, Johnson’s silence is par for the course. For nearly six years Senator Johnson has fought tooth and nail against women’s health funding and common sense legislation to help women fight for equal pay. Now, in his desperate attempt to stay in Washington, he’s endorsed a candidate for president who calls women pigs,” said Harry Hartfield spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.