Senator Ron Johnson opposes a federal minimum wage

Aug 27, 2015

Out-of-touch Senator Ron Johnson continued his unending attack on Wisconsin’s families by affirming his belief there should be no federal minimum wage.

Politifact Wisconsin ruled on Johnson’s position today: “It may not be a position Johnson has stated often, but when asked in July 2014 whether there should be a federal minimum wage, Johnson said there should not be one, other than perhaps one for guest workers… We rate Feingold’s statement True.” 

“Multimillionaire Senator Ron Johnson’s belief there should be no federal minimum wage is an attack on Wisconsinites who work full-time to provide for their families and still struggle to make ends meet. 71,000 Wisconsinites are at or below the minimum wage while there’s one Wisconsin politician capable of writing himself a $10 million check to cover his political expenses,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff.

Senator Johnson has voted multiple times against an increase in the federal minimum wage and has now made clear he would eliminate it altogether if given the chance.