Senator Tim Kaine Victorious In Vice Presidential Debate 

Oct 04, 2016

Tonight’s first and only debate between Vice Presidential nominees Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence showed the stark difference between the two candidates on the issues that matter most to working class families. In a dominating performance, Sen. Tim Kaine displayed a mastery of the issues and detailed he and Sec. Hillary Clinton’s vision for America and hard-working households right here in Wisconsin. 

“While Mike Pence fell on his sword, doubling-down on Donald Trump’s indefensible policy proposals and statements, Sen. Tim Kaine offered a clear contrast for the voters,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said after the debate. “Since the national convention in Philadelphia, Sec. Clinton and Sen. Kaine have laid out a comprehensive vision for our country which includes building an inclusive economy that works for all of us, working with our allies to keep Americans safe at home and abroad, and bringing Americans together to tackle the problems and seize the opportunities before us.”

In contrast to the vision laid out by Sen. Tim Kaine, Mike Pence launched the same, rehashed attacks that Donald Trump has used to pit Americans against each other since the inception of his campaign. At a time when Americans are looking for a president who can bring people together, Donald Trump and Mike Pence have done nothing but divide us, tearing people down with hateful rhetoric, bigoted policy proposals, and bullish temperament.

“Mike Pence launched the same, debunked attacks at Hillary Clinton that the party’s nominee has been spouting for months. Meanwhile, Senator Tim Kaine highlighted Hillary Clinton’s optimism, the vision and the future that he and Hillary Clinton are offering for American families,” said Democratic Senate Leader Jennifer Shilling.

“Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine believe that we are stronger when we lift each other up so that everybody plays a role in creating America’s future, and as president, Hillary will bring Americans together to solve our biggest challenges,” said Democratic Assembly Leader Peter Barca.