Seriously, Ron Johnson Trusts Ayatollah Over President Obama

May 20, 2015

Senator Ron Johnson sank his rhetoric to a new low over the weekend by admitting he trusts the Ayatollah of Iran more than President Barack Obama. 

Now, Johnson is desperately trying to shirk responsibility for a comment wholly unfit for a senator with oversight of our national security. This latest misstep comes a week after he declined an opportunity to correct supporters who call President Obama a “Muslim terrorist.”

“After these comments it’s impossible for Wisconsin to trust Ron Johnson on matters of foreign policy and national security,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Melissa Baldauff said Wednesday. ”Johnson’s only priority is waging bitter partisan fights no matter the consequences, even on issues of national security that require bipartisan agreement.”

This isn’t Johnson’s first stumble involving Iran’s Ayatollah. In March, the New York Times called a letter from Johnson and other senators sent to the Ayatollah of Iran “idiocy.” The unprecedented letter was widely criticized as a hyper-partisan attempt to undermine President Obama.

Johnson’s comment has been universally panned:

Washington Post: “And Senator Ron Johnson, who for some reason is the chair of the Homeland Security Committee, says that he trusts Ayatollah Khamenei more than Barack Obama when it comes to the Iran nuclear deal. His justification? Obamacare. Seriously.”

Buzzfeed: HEADLINE: “Senate Homeland Security Chairman: Ayatollah Could Be More Trustworthy Than Obama On Iran Deal”

Talking Points Memo: HEADLINE: “GOP Sen.: I May Trust Ayatollah Over Obama On Details Of Iran Deal”

MSNBC: HEADLINE: “GOP senator might trust Ayatollah over Obama”