SHOT/CHASER: New Day New Story: With Pressure Mounting Over His $10 Million Payout, Sen. Johnson Changes His Story…Again

Sep 15, 2016

After a bombshell report on Tuesday in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Senator Johnson keeps changing the story about his $10 million corporate payout.  But no matter how you slice it, Senator Johnson clearly lied to Wisconsinites.

SHOT: 9/23/2011 – “Johnson said the $10 million payment was ‘an agreed-upon amount’ that was determined at the end of his tenure with the company.Agreed upon with whom? ‘That would be me,’ he said.”

CHASER: 9/15/2016 – “Pacur recognized he would be resigning from his active position with the company and settled the account by independently calculating the back pay he was owed.”

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