Shot/Chaser: The American people have decided, Sen. Johnson

Shot: “I strongly agree that the American people should decide the future direction of the Supreme Court.” – Sen. Ron Johnson explaining his obstructionist stance on filling the court vacancy.
Chaser: Majorities of people in Wisconsin and around the country want the U.S. Senate to confirm a nominee this year.  As reported by Politico:
POLL FINDS STRONG SUPPORT FOR SCOTUS HEARINGS IN WISCONSIN, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Public Policy Polling is out with a poll this morning finding that respondents in Wisconsin and New Hampshire broadly support filling any vacancy on the Supreme Court this year - 62 percent in Wisconsin and 59 percent in New Hampshire. Those numbers could be significant for the two Republican senators representing those respective states, Sens. Ron Johnson and Kelly Ayotte. Both are up for re-election this year during a cycle that favors Democrats. The poll found that an even higher number of respondents – 78 percent in New Hampshire and 76 percent in Wisconsin – believe the Senate should consider who is nominated before making the call for or against confirmation hearings.
Lime: Johnson’s approval rating is underwater at -17.
A day after Senate Republicans officially adopted Sen. Johnson’s strategy of “doing nothing” on an Obama nominee to the Supreme Court, new polling demonstrates the American people and the people of Wisconsin aren’t buying their obstructionism.
The people of Wisconsin have spoken, Sen. Johnson. Do your job and consider a nominee to the Supreme Court.