VIDEO: WisDems Chair Ben Wikler, Small Business Owners Celebrate President Biden Signing Infrastructure Deal, Blast Johnson for Opposition to Job Creation

Nov 16, 2021


November 16, 2021

Contact: WisDems Press (wisdems.org)

VIDEO: WisDems Chair Ben Wikler, Small Business Owners Celebrate President Biden Signing Infrastructure Deal, Blast Johnson for Opposition to Job Creation

MADISON, Wis. — Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler hosted a roundtable with Wisconsin State AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Dennis Delie, owner of Working Draft Beer Company Ryan Browne, and owner of Breitenmoser Family Farms Hans Breitenmoser. The small business owners applauded President Biden for signing the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which builds upon Gov. Evers’ investments in improving Wisconsin’s roads, bridges, and access to broadband. Thanks to the partnership between President Biden and Gov. Evers, this deal is set to invest millions of dollars in Wisconsin’s infrastructure, good-paying union jobs, and clean drinking water, and address systemic inequity across the state. 

The speakers also highlighted Ron Johnson’s fierce opposition to the legislation as well as that of congressional Republicans, despite the legislation benefiting Wisconsin-owned businesses and small business owners.


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler:

  • “Despite a large majority of small business owners supporting this deal and despite overwhelming popularity from the general public, across parties — Ron Johnson and the five Wisconsin Republicans in Congress did not support the infrastructure deal. This is disappointing but not surprising, considering that Ron Johnson has proven time and time again that he puts his wealthy donors over small business owners on Main Street. It is an absolute disgrace that Ron Johnson and every Wisconsin Republican in Congress opposed this deal, and we’ve got to hold them accountable for it.”

Ryan Browne, owner of Working Draft Beer Company:

  • “Something that really catches my attention in the infrastructure bill is upgrading ports, airports, waterways — things that are critical for a business like mine that relies on the import and export of goods… making sure that these infrastructure lines are open is critical to keeping us competitive as a small business.”

Hans Breitenmoser, owner of Breitenmoser Family Farms:

  • “We need good infrastructure. And the issues that we’re dealing with infrastructure have only been exacerbated by the crazier weather. As a farmer, I live and die by the weather forecast — as you can imagine. I’ve been here for my entire 52 years and I can tell you what used to be a one in 100-year event is now once a summer. I see it as I drive down our township roads and our county roads… and we need a plan to beef up our infrastructure.”

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO:

  • “President Biden played a critical role in advancing this legislation, and we’re all so thankful for his leadership in moving it forward. But supporting Wisconsin’s infrastructure shouldn’t be a partisan goal — which is why it is unacceptable, totally unacceptable, that Ron Johnson and Wisconsin Republicans stood in unified locked arms in opposition to this deal. Opposing investment in Wisconsin’s roads and bridges is inexcusable and just another example of Ron Johnson willfully failing to do the job he was elected to do.”