Speaker Paul Ryan Shows Loyalty Lies with Putin and the Kremlin, Not the American People

Dec 15, 2016

Yesterday, NBC news reported Russian President Vladimir Putin directed his underlings on how to use the stolen information obtained from the DNC, DCCC, and the Clinton Campaign.The hack amounts to a bonafide attack on the American political system, an incident so alarming and troublesome that former CIA Director Mike Morrell called the event the “political equivalent of 9/11.” 

The response from Speaker Paul Ryan? Silence. 

The third highest ranking US official has been silent on the recent news, signaling to Russia that he has no concern with protecting America’s freedom and democracy.

“The behavior exhibited by Speaker Paul Ryan is wholly unpatriotic and shameful,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday. “There has never been such a dismissal of the safety the United States and the well-being of the citizens that is on full display from such a high-ranking US official. Furthermore, an attack by a foreign entity has never been met with such partisan response in the history of our country.”

Ryan broke with Donald Trump on the campaign trail after the then-Republican candidate for President raved about the Russian dictator. In July of this year, the same day Trump publicly called for Russia to steal emails from the State Department, Ryan’s office called Russia a “global menace led by a devious thug,” and called for Putin to stay out of the election. 

Just months ago, in September, Ryan called the Russian leader an “aggressor that does not share our interests” and agreed with intelligence reports at the time that it “certainly appears that [Putin] is conducting … state-sponsored cyberattacks on what appears to be our political system.”

The response from Speaker Ryan shows the worst kind of partisanship, as he is willing to risk the safety of the United States for his own partisan gains. Ryan does not care about serving and protecting the American people – his only concern is holding on to power at whatever cost, even if that means turning a blind eye on an attack from Russia.

Now that he has chosen to stand with Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin instead of the American people, it is clear Ryan never cared about his patriotic duty to protect America from all enemies, foreign, and domestic.

“Never in the history of our country have we seen a Speaker of the House kowtow to a foreign adversary and try to justify their attacks on the United States. Paul Ryan isn’t a leader or a patriot, he’s a partisan ideologue willing to do anything to stay in power,” Weatherby concluded.