Speaker Paul Ryan's Speech to Millennials Falls on Deaf Ears

Apr 28, 2016

MADISON - Yesterday, Speaker Paul Ryan gave a speech about how the GOP agenda will benefit the millennial generation. Unfortunately for Speaker Ryan, his rhetoric doesn’t match reality.  Under his leadership, the priorities of millennials have been consistently pushed to the side, all so the Speaker and his GOP colleagues can hand more power and tax breaks to the special interests and billionaires.
“Paul Ryan is trying hard to convince millennials that his extreme conservative agenda is the best for their future, but he clearly doesn’t understand the values this generation believes in,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director Kory Kozloski said on Thursday. “Millennials want a society that treats everyone with respect and equality, and an economy that creates opportunities for all, not just those at the top.  Unfortunately, Paul Ryan and the Republican Congress have stood in the way of these values at every turn.”

Millennials are looking for real solutions to our country’s biggest challenges, like raising incomes and wages, expanding quality healthcare, lowering the burden of student loan debt, and making sure regardless of who you love, the color of your skin, or your zip code, that you are treated with equality and respect.

“Instead of trying to lecture millennials about the GOP agenda, Speaker Ryan should spend more time listening to them and re-thinking his own priorities.”

To see evidence of how flat his speech fell, you only need to look at the reaction of millennials here in Wisconsin; they took to social media to tell Paul Ryan his agenda is wrong and what direction they want to see our elected leaders take our country.