Democratic Party of Wisconsin Calls on Mike Gallagher to Release Donor Information

Sep 08, 2016

In light of recent reports of campaign finance violations in Wisconsin, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin today called on Mike Gallagher to disclose the employer information for the more than 125 individuals he failed to report. Recently, the Federal Election Commission cited Gallagher for failing to disclose numerous donors to his campaign.
His campaign said an updated report would be filed; however, to date, no amended reports have been submitted to the FEC.
This is on top of the personal SuperPAC that has refused to disclose donors despite spending nearly $50,000 in the Republican Primary against Frank Lasee and Terry McNulty. Midwest Growth PAC sent mailers to influence the outcome of the August 9th election, but voters still have no idea who has been funding the secretive political organization.
“With recent developments that campaign finance rules may have been violated in Wisconsin, Mike Gallagher should come clean to voters in Wisconsin and fully disclose his donors,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Brandon Weathersby said on Thursday. “Gallagher’s refusal to disclose his donors raises questions about what he is hiding from voters in Northeast Wisconsin.”
Gallagher Failed to Disclose Employer Information for Quarter of Donors. The Gallagher campaign reported raising $517,797 from 514 individual donors in their April Quarterly Report.  The Gallagher campaign failed to list employer information for 129 individual donors (25% of total donors). Individual donors to the Gallagher campaign with no employer information contributed $146,898 to the campaign (28% of the total donations).  [Gallagher April Quarterly Report, FEC.GOV, Accessed on 4/16/16]
Federal Elections Commission Cited Gallagher for Two Campaign Finance Violations. In June, the FEC filed a request for additional information. They cited Mike Gallagher for Wisconsin for accepting contributions over the legal limit and failing report employer & occupation for numerous donor who contributed more than $200. [RFAI – April Quarterly,FEC.GOV, Accessed on 9/8/16]
Gallagher Stated Updated Donor Information Would Be Included in Amended Reports. In a response to the FEC on June 17, 2016, Mike Gallagher for Wisconsin stated, “Finally, we add the new information to our database and include it in amended reports filed with the commission and subsequent reports going forward.” [Miscellaneous Report to FEC, FEC.GOV, Accessed on9/8/16]