Statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair In Recognition of Labor Day

Sep 05, 2016

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning released the following statement in recognition of Labor Day:

“We recognize and celebrate the unbelievable courage the men and women of the American organized labor movement have displayed throughout history in standing up for their basic rights in the work place – from fighting for fair wages and workplace protections, to ensuring a balance between work and home life.

“Wisconsin has always been a proud leader in the fight to bring dignity to the workplace, eliminate unfair hiring and firing practices, and ban discrimination based on sex, race, and ability. Thanks to the incredible work of our brothers and sisters in the organized labor movement, Wisconsinites today are able to enjoy a forty hour work-week, weekends off with their families, retirement benefits, labor laws that safeguard children, and a real say in workplace safety protections.

“However, this Labor Day also reminds us that despite the great progress we have made, we still have much work to do. Together we must roll back the GOP’s assault on the rights of workers, work to raise wages for everyone in this country, and ensure that women always earn the same pay as a man when they do the same work.

“And so, on this Labor Day, we recommit ourselves to the struggle to ensure that every worker has the rights and protections they deserve in the workplace. Together with our brothers and sisters in organized labor, we will restore Wisconsin’s proud progressive traditions of standing up for the hard working men and women who have done so much to build our state.”