Statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair on Dane County Board Passing a Living Wage Ordinance

Sep 09, 2016

In light of the Dane County Board passing a living wage ordinance for all county employees, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning released the following statement:

“I applaud the Dane County Board for passing a living wage ordinance for all county employees. As Democrats, we believe that people who work hard and put in a full day’s work should be able to get ahead and support their families. Raising wages and investing in workers is a step in the right direction to make that idea a reality. 

“Along with Dane County, we’ve seen similar ordinances passed recently in both Milwaukee and Eau Claire county. There is a clear trend developing here: Local elected leaders understand that hard working families need a raise in order to make ends meet, and are stepping up to help working people get ahead.

“Dane County and others are sending a clear message that it is time to give hard-working Wisconsinites a fair shot to get ahead. Their continued leadership on this issue should serve as an example for the current Republican legislators of the state, who again and again have refused to even discuss the issue of raising wages. 

“Democrats will continue to stand with hard working Wisconsinites and do everything we can to raise their standard of living.”