Statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair on Hillary Clinton's Economic Speech

Jun 21, 2016

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning released the following statement in response to Hillary Clinton’s Economic speech: 

“Today, Hillary Clinton directly addressed what we must do to build an economy that works for everyone—not just those at the top— with good-paying jobs, more fairness and more basic economic security for working families. 

“It is clear Hillary understands that despite the progress we have made, there is still a lot of work to do to ensure every American can find a good paying job and has a fair shot at getting ahead. Furthermore, she knows those at the top, big corporations, and Wall Street must pay their fair share if we want to strengthen our economy.

“Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans continue to push policies prioritizing those at the top and greedy corporations that outsource Wisconsin jobs. Wisconsin’s economy has suffered immensely, falling to 32nd in the nation in job growth and falling to dead last in entrepreneurship. Wisconsin missed the national economic rebound due to Republican’s backwards policies, but under Hillary Clinton and Democratic leadership, I am confident we can get our state headed in the correct direction. 

“Wisconsin’s economic problems would only become worse under a Trump presidency. A recent report showed Trump’s economic plans, which fall directly in line with Wisconsin Republicans’, would cost us at least 3.5 million jobs nationally, disproportionately affecting lower and middle-class workers. In addition, Trump is willing to default on our debt while adding $9.5 trillion to what we already owe, which would be an economic calamity. His dangerous agenda would destroy the progress we have made nationally, and would set Wisconsin either further behind.

“It is clear Wisconsin Republicans and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth, only working for those at the top and greedy corporations, not everyday Americans who are just trying to make ends meet. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are pushing an economic agenda that works for all of us and will boost the well-being of all Wisconsinites.”