Statement from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair on National Higher Education Day

Jun 06, 2016

In recognition of National Higher Education Day, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, Martha Laning, released the following statement:

“In Wisconsin, we have always known the value of higher education. Whether it is going to a technical college to learn how to be a carpenter or attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison to study medicine, skilled workers and an educated workforce are crucial elements to creating a healthy climate for business and growing our state’s economy.  

“Currently, many people are opting out of getting a higher education because of how expensive it has become. There are one million Wisconsinites saddled with over $19 billion in student debt and seventy percent of Wisconsin’s graduates have student loan debt, the third-highest percentage in the nation. It is clear we must help borrowers refinance their student loans the same way you can a mortgage.

“Democrats understand anyone, regardless of their income, should have an opportunity to a higher education that will help them get ahead.”