Statement On Congressman Ryan's "Exclusive" Media Event

Aug 22, 2017

MADISON — The ability to access one’s elected officials is a key to democracy. A good example is Congressman Mark Pocan, who is hosting a public town hall event in his district this week. On the other hand, politicians like Congressman Paul Ryan ignore their constituents’ calls for town hall meetings, refusing to host public events where constituents can speak directly with the person they elected. In a desperate attempt to silence his constituents’ concerns, Congressman Ryan will participate in a fake cable TV “town hall” tonight which is being billed as an “exclusive” media event for Ryan.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning released the following statement on Congressman Ryan’s “exclusive” media event:

“An “exclusive” cable TV appearance with the words “town hall” in its title is not a substitute for an actual town hall meeting. 

“Congressman Ryan has not held a public town hall meeting in nearly 2 years and that remains true after his “exclusive” media event tonight.

“Town hall meetings are not “exclusive.” All constituents are welcome. That is the point of a town hall meeting.

“Why is Congressman Ryan afraid to face his constituents who elected him?”