Statement on Gov. Scott Walker Ending an Era of Clean, Open, and Transparent Government in Wisconsin

Today, in a secret ceremony closed off to the public and the press, Governor Scott Walker signed two controversial Republican bills to dismantle the Government Accountability Board and radically increase corporate special interest campaign influence.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Executive Director issued the following statement on Gov. Walker ending an era of clean, open, and transparent government in Wisconsin:

"As Wisconsin inches closer to 10,000 mass layoffs this year, out of touch legislative Republicans decided political payback was a higher priority than moving our state forward.

"Clearly upset by the criminal convictions of six Walker aides, Walker and his Republican-led legislature sought out to weaken ethics enforcement and campaign finance laws in the Badger State.

"It is outright shameful that in Walker's Wisconsin corrupt politicians and corporate special interests come before helping hardworking families and growing our economy."