Supreme Court Candidate Still Refuses to Apologize for Homophobic Blog Posts

Feb 04, 2019

For Immediate Release
February 4, 2019
Contact: Courtney Beyer, courtneyb@wisdems.org

Supreme Court candidate still refuses to apologize for homophobic blog posts

Scott Walker’s former legal counsel would be another extreme partisan on the Supreme Court


MADISON — In Supreme Court candidate Brian Hagedorn’s first public interview since news broke that he once authored a blog with radical, hateful content, Hagedorn refused to apologize or even walk back statements he made as extreme as likening homosexuality to bestiality. Talking to conservative radio host John Muir, Hagedorn lashed out at those criticizing his posts, rejecting suggestions that if elected, he consider recusing himself from cases where he’s expressed a personal political belief.

“It’s unacceptable that it’s been four days and Wisconsin voters still don’t know whether or not Brian Hagedorn still holds these extreme, partisan beliefs,” said Courtney Beyer, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson.“Wisconsinites want their courts to be independent, but Hagedorn won’t even commit himself to the basic expectations of fairness and transparency. Brian Hagedorn is just another extreme partisan whose fringe, radical beliefs belong nowhere near our courts.”

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