WisDems Statement on Trumpy Tim Ramthun’s Campaign for Governor

Feb 12, 2022


February 12, 2022

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WisDems Statement on Trumpy Tim Ramthun’s Campaign for Governor

Ramthun’s Divisive Comments, Conspiracy Theories Highlighted at TrumpyTim.com 

MADISON, Wis. — Today, far-right conspiracy theorist and Trump wannabe Tim Ramthun announced his campaign for governor of Wisconsin, inserting more chaos into the already off-the-rails Republican gubernatorial primary and dealing another major blow to Rebecca Kleefisch’s path to the nomination.

Tim Ramthun has been one of the most outspoken Wisconsin Republicans trying to overturn Wisconsin’s 2020 presidential election. Even now, Tim Ramthun continues to spread dangerous conspiracy theories and believes Wisconsin can rescind its electoral votes for Joe Biden.

Trumpy Tim Ramthun acts like a joke, but the threats to democracy posed by him and Wisconsin Republicans are real. Multiple recounts, court cases, audits, and even an investigation by Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that the 2020 election was “safe and secure.”

Read more at TrumpyTim.com. You can also read more about the other radical and divisive Republicans running for governor at RadicalRebecca.com and AntiChoiceKevin.com.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“Tim Ramthun is the one truly, unapologetically pro-Trump candidate in the Wisconsin governor’s race. He is one of the most dangerously conservative lawmakers in the country, too far-right and uncompromising to serve even as the Republican Party’s nominee. His campaign for governor shows that the Republican Party is focused more on far-right conspiracy theories than it is on filling jobs and helping families. More than a year has passed since the 2020 election and multiple investigations have confirmed Wisconsin’s results were fair and accurate — yet, alone among candidates for governor, Ramthun is still fighting to give Wisconsin’s electors to Donald Trump.

 “Given Ramthun’s unique devotion to the cause of Donald Trump, his entrance in the Republican primary throws Rebecca Kleefisch and Kevin Nicholson’s campaigns into disarray. Wisconsin can only hope that they won’t double down on their radical and dangerous rhetoric in a race to be the most extreme candidates.

“While Ramthun, Kleefisch, and Nicholson brawl in a chaotic and divisive primary, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is ready to re-elect Governor Tony Evers, whose steady leadership will continue delivering for Wisconsin families and businesses.”

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