Trump Campaign Continues to Try To Gaslight Wisconsinites Into Thinking Economy is Working for Them

Aug 28, 2019

(MADISON, WI) — Today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson Philip Shulman released the following statement in response to the Trump campaign’s continued fruitless attempts to trick Wisconsinites into believing his disastrous economic policies are working for them:

“Wisconsin voters are feeling the impact of Trump’s broken promises on the economy: higher health care costs, a trade war that’s putting farmers out of business, and a tax scam that’s encouraging companies to move overseas and lay-off workers like at Kimberly-Clark, all while the federal deficit balloons. Voters aren’t going to be distracted. The pain Wisconsinites are feeling is real and only getting worse, and trying to gaslight them into thinking otherwise won’t work.”

BACKGROUND: Wisconsinites and the rest of the country are not getting ahead in Trump’s economy — that’s why a plurality of Americans say the economy is getting worse.