Donald Trump Endorsement Fuels GOP Extremism in Campaign for Governor

Jun 02, 2022

Donald Trump Endorsement Fuels GOP Extremism in Campaign for Governor

MADISON, Wis. – After his endorsement of New Jersey resident Sean Duffy last year fell flat, Donald Trump has endorsed yet another apparent out-of-stater, Tim Michels, in the August GOP primary for governor.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s endorsement in the Wisconsin GOP primary only deepens the alarming division and extremism of the Wisconsin Republican Party. Tim Michels now joins David Perdue, Doug Mastriano, and Herschel Walker in the dubious club of ultra-MAGA candidates who’ve passed Trump’s radical litmus test despite their profound flaws as candidates. Tim Michels has been now given the green light to hit the accelerator on the campaign he was already running — one that embraces election conspiracy theories and divisive policies like banning abortions without exceptions, instituting a ban on same-sex marriage, and defunding public education.

“The GOP is now more divided than ever — Wisconsinites can expect the primary fight to only get worse. Trump’s divisive brand of politics paired with Michels’ extremist and out of touch views is a recipe for disaster. The irony is that Michels claimed he’s ‘tired of Republicans fighting in public’ – but sought the endorsement of America’s biggest bully anyway.

“No matter which of these radical candidates comes out of this primary, Trump endorsement or not, the GOP nominee will be too extreme for Wisconsin. Wisconsinites don’t want more infighting and ultra-partisan radicalism, they want a leader who embraces common sense and does the right thing for our state.”