Trump’s 5 Biggest Broken Promises to Wisconsinites

As Donald Trump heads to Wisconsin to hold a desperate rally for his reelection campaign, Wisconsinites know the truth about his endless broken promises.

(MADISON, WI) — As Donald Trump heads to Wisconsin to hold a desperate rally for his reelection campaign, Wisconsinites know the truth about his endless broken promises. As the 2020 election heats up, he is doubling down on those broken promises, outright lying to voters about everything from health care to trade to Social Security.

“Wisconsinites of all political stripes value elected officials who keep their word, so after three years of Donald Trump’s broken promises, Wisconsinites aren’t going to give him four more years in the White House,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler said. “He has broken his promises to lower health care and prescription drug costs, deliver better markets for our farmers, and to protect Social Security and Medicare. Our state is suffering because the president can’t keep his word and voters are ready for a change.

1. Broken promise: “We’re going to end Obamacare. We’re going to replace it with something so much better and so much less expensive.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Janesville, WI, 3/29/16]
TruthWall Street Journal: Cost of Employer-Provided Health Coverage Passes $20,000 a Year: “The average total cost of employer-provided health coverage passed $20,000 for a family plan this year, according to a new survey, a landmark that will likely resonate politically as health care has become an early focus of the presidential campaign.” [9/25/19]

2. Broken promise:  “Republicans want to create better health care through more choice, lower drug prices — and you will see, very soon, drug prices will go plunging downward. You wait, you watch. It’s all in motion. And we’ve created much more competition.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Mosinee, 10/2019]
TruthCBS News: 2020 is three days old and drug prices are already jumping: “Pharmaceutical firms are making it hard for President Donald Trump to fulfill his promise to address runaway prescription drug prices. Three days into the new year, drugmakers have already increased the list prices on hundreds of medications, with experts predicting more hikes in the weeks to come.” [1/3/2020]

3. Broken promise: “They Want To Take Your Medicare, Take Your Social Security, Cut The Hell Out Of It. I’m Not Going To Do That.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Appleton, WI, 3/30/16]
TruthThe Philadelphia Inquirer: Trump administration proposes Social Security rule changes that could cut off thousands of disabled recipients: “The Trump administration is proposing changes to Social Security that could terminate disability payments to hundreds of thousands of Americans, particularly older people and children.” [12/12/2019]

4. Broken promise: Trump claims farmers are “…over the hump. We’re doing really well.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/12/19]
TruthDairy Herd Management: Wisconsin Loses 818 Dairies in 2019, Largest Decline in State History: “As of Jan. 1, 2020, Wisconsin had 7,292 licensed dairy farms. On Jan. 1, 2019, the number stood at 8,110. In the last decade, the state lost 5,637 dairy farms, a decrease of 44%. That also suggests the rate of dairy farmer loss has more than doubled the last few years.” [1/9/2020]

5. Broken promise: “By the way, my tax plan lowers taxes very substantially for middle income people..” [Trump Campaign Rally, Appleton, WI, 3/30/16]
TruthNPR: After 2 Years, Trump Tax Cuts Have Failed To Deliver On GOP’s Promises: “In fact, more than 60% of the tax savings went to people in the top 20% of the income ladder, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. The measure also slashed the corporate tax rate by 40%.” [12/20/2019]