Two Years After Sen. McCain's 'Thumbs Down,' Republicans Still Sabotaging Health Care

Jul 29, 2019

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July 28, 2019
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Two Years After Sen. McCain’s ‘Thumbs Down,’ Republicans Still Sabotaging Health Care

“Health care is on the ballot in 2020, and Republican candidates should be terrified”


MADISON — Two years ago today, a bipartisan majority in the U.S. Senate rejected Trump and Republicans’ attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Since then, the Trump administration has spearheaded a lawsuit to invalidate the ACA, a move which would rip protections from the 2.4 million Wisconsinites living with a pre-existing condition. If Trump’s lawsuit is successful, 20 million Americans will lose insurance and 130 million could be at risk of losing coverage.

On that night, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler was leading the protest outside the Capitol. He can be seen in the bright blue shirt in this video.

The following is a statement from Chair Wikler:

“Two years ago tonight, I was leading the demonstration outside the US Capitol when I learned that John McCain had just done a thumbs-down and blocked the GOP’s attack on health care. All of us cheered and wept with relief. 

“Sadly, in the last two years, President Trump and his Republican allies have only escalated their crusade to rip health care away from millions of Americans. Their relentless attacks on our health care in the face of vocal opposition have shown that they will stop at nothing to get their way. 

“It was righteous anger and pressure from everyday people that stopped Republicans in their tracks two years ago. We flooded the voicemail boxes, offices and hearing rooms of Congress to protect our care — and it worked. Repeal failed. And it didn’t stop there. The GOP attacks on our health care backfired at the ballot box in 2018, and they’ll backfire again in 2020.

“Until the day we vote Trump and his Republican cronies out of power once and for all, they will continue to pose a threat to the health security of millions of Wisconsinites. Health care is on the ballot in 2020, and Republican candidates should be terrified.” 

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