**UPDATE** Sen. John McCain and Sen. Rob Portman Pull Their Support for Trump, But Sen. Johnson Still Supports Him

Oct 09, 2016

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Rep. Joe Heck, Sen. Mark Kirk and Sen. John Thune, Sen, John McCain and Sen. Rob Portman Have Pulled Their Support for Trump…Why Hasn’t Sen. Johnson

Republican Senators, Congressmen and Governors are Pulling Their Support for Trump, but Sen. Johnson Remains Committed to Trump

Senator Johnson continues to support Donald Trump, even as Republicans nationwide pull theirs. For months, Republicans – including – Senator Johnson – have accepted Trump’s hateful comments about women, African Americans, Muslims, Hispanics and disabled Americans. Now, with the revelation that Trump joked about sexually assaulting women, Republicans are finally doing what they should have done a year ago. Vulnerable Republicans like Senator Ayotte and Congressman Heck have pulled their support…

But not Senator Johnson, as of now he still plans to vote for Donald Trump for president. It’s not a surprise that Sen. Johnson continues to support Trump. As Senator he’s never stood for Wisconsin Women. He voted five times against legislation aimed to help women get equal pay for equal work, twice against the Violence Against Women Act and seven times against women’s health services.

Here is a list of senators and senate candidates who have pulled their support for Trump. Why hasn’t Johnson?

  • Sen. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.)

  • Rep. Joe Heck (NV)

  • Sen. Mark Kirk (IL)

  • Sen. John Thune (S.D.)

  • Sen. John McCain (AZ)

  • Sen. Rob Portman (OH)

  • Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (W.V.)

  • Sen. Deb Fischer (NE)

  • Sen. Dan Sullivan (AK)

  • Sen. Cory Gardner (CO)

  • Sen. Mike Lee (UT)

  • Sen. Mike Crapo (ID)

  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK)