NEW: President Biden Signs New USPS Funding Law, Despite Johnson and Steil Opposition

Apr 06, 2022


April 6, 2022

Contact: Julia Hamelburg (julia.hamelburg@wisdems.org)

NEW: President Biden Signs New USPS Funding Law, Despite Johnson and Steil Opposition

MADISON, Wis. After Trump-era efforts to cut U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery, President Biden has signed, sealed, and delivered the Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 – marking the most significant overhaul of the U.S. Postal Service in almost 20 years. This law will address delays in delivery and ensure a more prompt and efficient mail service for Wisconsin families.

Despite gaining broad bipartisan support from postal advocacy groups and Democrats and Republicans alike, Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Bryan Steil voted against this critical legislation

Here’s just some of what Johnson and Steil voted against: 

  • protecting reliable delivery of everything from medication for seniors to household items for Wisconsin families;
  • continued mail delivery service 6 days a week;
  • new transparency standards to hold USPS accountable for delays;
  • opportunities for local, state and Indigenous governments to offer certain non-mail services, like hunting and fishing licenses;
  • support for rural newspapers that may qualify for reduced mailing fees, and more. 

In celebration of President Biden signing this bill into law, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg released the following statement: 

“Mail touches every aspect of our lives: from seniors getting their life-saving medication and working families receiving their paychecks, to Wisconsin-owned businesses sending their products to customers across the state and around the world. While Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Steil decided to gamble the future and dependability of our postal service for their own self-serving partisan gain, President Biden and Wisconsin Democrats have delivered this much-needed reform that will ensure reliable USPS services for families and small businesses across our state.”