UW-Madison Students to Speaker Paul Ryan: Un-Endorse Donald Trump's Dangerous Candidacy

Oct 14, 2016

At a press conference today, students from UW-Madison called on Paul Ryan to un-endorse Trump in the wake of his recently released lewd comments. 

“Paul Ryan has a history of enabling Donald Trump’s divisiveness. He supported Trump through his shameful attacks on a gold-star family. He stood by his side throughout his racist tirade on a federal judge. He did not falter when Trump took to Twitter at 4AM to harass and belittle a former Miss Universe contestant,” said Gracelyn Trast, student at UW-Madison. “And here we are today. Lo and behold – even in the wake of his recent, repugnant comments about women, Paul Ryan has continued to support the Republican nominee.  With this precedent set, I don’t think Donald Trump could do anything to merit Paul Ryan rescinding his endorsement.” 

“Sexual assault is serious. It is a problem not only here at UW. But it is a problem on college campuses across the country. And I cannot believe that the Republican nominee for President is normalizing these obscene, horrific actions,” said Natalie Halbrooks, student at UW-Madison. “But are we really surprised? This is who Donald Trump is.”

“Truthfully, as shocking, as horrible, as offensive, and as disqualifying Donald Trump’s most recent comments are, I am not at all surprised,” said Eliana Locke, student at UW-Madison. “Donald Trump has centered his campaign around insults and bigotry. And Paul Ryan and his GOP colleagues have stood right by him through it all. They might send a statement here or there condemning his remarks. But let the record show that they have never actually done anything to stop the train wreck that is their nominee.” 

“I don’t have to be a son or a husband or a father to understand that Trump’s comments legitimizing sexual assault and harassment are simply disgusting,” said Brendan Cohen, student at UW-Madison. “They are horrendous. And they have absolutely no place in our country. Let alone, in the race for President.”