Voters Overwhelming Choose To Support Public Education

Feb 22, 2017

For decades, a strong public education system opened doors of opportunity for millions of Wisconsinites. And last night, the voters came out in support of our public schools and the 860,000 public school children all across our state. 

“The message from the voters was clear last night,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesman Brandon Weathersby said on Wednesday. “Wisconsinites want a strong public education system based on excellent educators, motivated parents, and active community leaders all working together to provide our children with the preparation they need to be successful in life.” 

There is only one candidate in race truly committed to public schools, State Superintendent Tony Evers who received 69 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s primary. His opponent, Lowell Holtz, has spent his campaign flip-flopping on education issues and following the lead of the pro-unaccountable private voucher school advocates who promise to pour money into his campaign.

“Holtz publicly endorsed Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos and her record of supporting privatizing public schools across the country,” said Weathersby. “Holtz also proposed and discussed a House of Cards-style election bribe in exchange for the support of his conservative rival in during the primary. Making Holtz not only an enemy of public education but a self-dealing opportunist who will put himself before Wisconsin’s schoolchildren.”