Vukmir and Nicholson Running on Scam GOP Tax Law

Apr 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Contact: Brad Bainum, bradb@wisdems.org

Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson Campaigning on Scam GOP Tax Law

Vukmir, Nicholson back paying for Big Pharma tax breaks with Social Security and Medicare cuts

MADISON — On Tax Day 2018, GOP U.S. Senate candidates Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson continue to campaign on Republicans’ scam tax law that gifts more than 80 percent of cuts to the richest one percent and big corporations like Exxon, Wells Fargo and Pfizer, while hiking taxes on hard-working, middle-class Americans.

In December, Vukmir promised that the tax law — which hikes taxes on 53% of Americans at full implementation — would be “good for everybody.” But every passing week has brought new reports of Big Pharma drug companies and already highly-profitable corporations like Kimberly-Clark rewarding executives and investors, while workers get laid off or left behind, and consumers get stiffed.

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And it gets worse: in addition to spiking health care premiums by 10 percent, the tax law is paired with a Republican federal budget plan that calls for deep, Vukmir and Nicholson-endorsed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and which would put nursing home care coverage at risk.

“Kevin Nicholson and Leah Vukmir support the GOP tax law because it’s a sham giveaway to the corporate special interests and right-wing billionaires backing their campaigns — and that’s who they’re running to work for, not hardworking Wisconsinites,” said Brad Bainum, DPW spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race