Vukmir, Nicholson, & Hovde Cheer Tax Hike On Nearly 50% Of Americans

Dec 05, 2017

For Immediate Release
December 5, 2017
Contact: Brad Bainum, bradb@wisdems.org

Vukmir, Nicholson, & Hovde Cheer Tax Hike On Nearly 50% Of Americans

Vukmir, Nicholson, & Hovde-supported tax plan sends 62% of cuts to richest 1%

Plan also hikes healthcare premiums by 10%, leaves 13M more uninsured

MADISON — Right-wing state Senator Leah Vukmir, out-of-state billionaire puppet Kevin Nicholson, and D.C. hedge fund millionaire Eric Hovde are cheering on congressional Republicans as they force through big tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and tax increases for middle class Wisconsin families. 

  • Right-wing state Senator Leah Vukmir cheered the Senate’s passage of the GOP tax plan in her weekly news letter, calling it “Good news!”
  • Out-of-state billionaire puppet Kevin Nicholson was equally enthusiastic about Senate Republicans voting to deliver big cuts to his megadonors at the expense of hardworking Wisconsinites, suggesting that he would’ve voted “yes” on the bill’s final passage.
  • Meanwhile, D.C. hedge fund millionaire Eric Hovde — who has so little faith in his fellow Republicans Vukmir and Nicholson that he thinks he can just walk away with the GOP Senate nomination in 2018 — is, according to WisPolitics.com, insisting that “Republicans passing the tax bill will be key for GOP prospects next fall and getting the overhaul signed into law would be an important factor in easing some of the headwinds Republican may face in 2018.”
But for all the 2018 Senate field’s cheering of the Senate GOP tax plan’s passage, there’s a reason Republicans hastily rushed the bill through in the dead of night: the #GOPTaxScam is a massive transfer of wealth to the richest Americans and corporations that’s served up on the backs of working families, who’ll face tax hikes, premium spikes, and Medicare cuts.

As passed, the Senate GOP tax plan bill championed by Leah Vukmir, Kevin Nicholson, and Eric Hovde would: 

“Vukmir, Nicholson, and Hovde are cheering tax cuts for billionaires and corporations that are paid for by tax increases on nearly half of Americans, healthcare premiums spikes, and dangerous Medicare cuts,” said Brad Bainum, Democratic Party of Wisconsin spokesperson for the 2018 Senate race. “This isn’t a tax plan for working families, it’s a Republican scam that triggers a massive transfer of wealth to corporations and billionaires at the expense of middle-class Americans.”