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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
Contact: Brad Bainum, [email protected]

Vukmir Triples Down On Votes To Deny Oral Chemo Coverage

Vukmir was only Wisconsin Senator to twice vote against forcing insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy treatments

MADISON -- Yesterday, Republican Senate candidate Leah Vukmir tripled down on her 2014 opposition to a bipartisan effort that sought to make powerful insurance companies cover Wisconsinites' oral chemotherapy treatments.

Vukmir was the only Wisconsin state Senator to twice vote against the measure, even though the bill was praised by patient advocates as well as many of Vukmir's fellow Republicans.

Here are the key details from WKOW-TV's report on Vukmir standing by her votes against expanding chemo coverage:
  • "[Vukmir] was one of the only senators to vote against the bipartisan Cancer Treatment Fairness Act." 

  • "The legislation requires state-regulated health insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy drugs, some of which are the only form of treatment available for brain tumors."

  • "With her 'no' vote, Vukmir did not share the same support as her Republican counterparts on the measure. In 2014, Governor Walker’s office sent out a statement praising the legislation to allow more patients the ability to have affordable options for treatment."

  • "Currently, 40 other states have a similar law, allowing insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy drugs."

  • "Vukmir’s campaign did not clarify as to why she voted against the measure."