What Wisconsinites are Reading About Senator Johnson’s Offensive Remarks about Single Moms

Aug 31, 2016

Senator Johnson is full of bad ideas and short on real solutions when it comes to standing up for Wisconsin women. His latest out of touch proposal came on on Monday in an interview on WIZM where he suggested that single mothers take jobs at their children’s day care.

Wisconsin women were rightly offended, but not surprised, by Johnson’s proposal. After all, Senator Johnson has a long record of failure when it come to fighting for women. He voted five times against legislation that would help women fight for equal pay for equal work and he voted twice against the violence against women’s act.

Instead, Senator Johnson continues to push bad ideas that do nothing to help women, rather than fight for real solutions. Here are some reactions to Senator Johnson’s comments:

WTMJ (Milwaukee)

WSAW (Wausau)

Associated Press: Wisconsin Sen. Johnson has another awkward campaign moment

“Republican Sen. Ron Johnson is suggesting that poor single moms take jobs in the day care centers watching their children, a practice Wisconsin restricted seven years ago after massive fraud involving government subsidies. Johnson’s solution for addressing poverty is the latest awkward comment from the freshman senator who compared voting in November to the decision by doomed 9/11 passengers on Flight 93 to storm the cockpit, criticized “The Lego Movie” as anti-business propaganda and appeared to suggest that a documentary could replace classroom teacher.”

Huffington Post: GOP Senator Has A Strange Idea For Reducing Poverty

“Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), discussing poverty and unemployment in a radio interview on Monday, proposed a strange solution for low-income single mothers trying to balance employment and child care. Let single moms actually work in day care to support each other,” he told WIZM, a Wisconsin radio station. “We have prohibitions against that, providing day care for a facility that has your children in it. I think we need to reduce some of these policies. Let’s work smart, let’s rethink all of these programs, all the laws. Just about everything has got to be rethought…The problem with the Wisconsin senator’s suggestion is that child care workers are poorly paid and receive scant benefits.”