Where's Walker Today? Cozying Up to Trump in D.C.

Jul 19, 2018

Scott Walker is headed to DC for another photo op with Donald Trump today, his office has confirmed. Here’s DPW’s reaction: 

“Scott Walker has always been clear that his ambition comes first. And apparently that ambition leads him to cozying up to Donald Trump instead of doing what’s best for Wisconsin’s families and businesses. Walker refuses to defend Harley-Davidson from Trump’s attacks, he refuses to stick up for Wisconsin’s dairy farmers in Trump’s trade war, he refused to stand up to Trump when he was taking children away from their parents, and he refused to criticize Trump’s disgraceful press conference with Vladimir Putin. Scott Walker has made it very clear: he won’t defend Wisconsin, he won’t defend America, but he will defend Donald Trump. 

“Meanwhile, Wisconsin’s schools are facing a funding crisis and our roads are crumbling. But where’s Walker? Heading to a photo op! No wonder voters have had enough of typical politician Scott Walker after eight long years.” — TJ Helmstetter, DPW spokesperson for 2018 gubernatorial race