Will Senator Johnson Stand By Trump After Allegations He Sexually Assaulted Two Women?

Oct 13, 2016

In response to the allegations that Donald Trump sexually assaulted two women, Harry Hartfield, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, released the following statement:

“These new allegations go far beyond ‘locker room talk,’ and Wisconsinites deserve to know whether Senator Johnson can support a candidate for President of the United States who allegedly assaulted two women? If Senator Johnson stands by Trump after these allegations he will have sunk to a new low in his desperate attempt to stay in Washington.” 

Here are questions Senator Johnson needs to answer about his support for Trump:

  • Will Senator Johnson vote for Donald Trump to be the next commander-in-chief?
  • Does he think Trump’s behavior is acceptable for a candidate for President of the United States?
  • Will Johnson campaign with Trump on Monday in Wisconsin? 
  • Given his decision to stand by Trump, Johnson needs to answer why he opposed the Violence Against Women Act and called it “divisive.”