Will Walker Follow Appleton Rally With Quick Taxpayer-Funded Flight to Green Bay?

Oct 22, 2018

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October 22, 2018
Contact: Courtney Beyer,

Will Walker Follow Appleton Rally With Quick Taxpayer-Funded Flight to Green Bay?

Walker took inexplicably short 24-mile flight from Appleton to Green Bay in 2016


While Scott Walker would rather not draw attention to his abuse of taxpayer dollars at his rally in Appleton this morning, it wasn’t too long ago that Walker was using the state plane to take inexplicably short flights, like his infamous 24-mile flight from Appleton to Green Bay. Tony Evers and Mandela Barnes drew attention to the absurdity of this flight last month by live streaming their drive from Appleton to Green Bay — a drive countless Wisconsinites make every day.

“Perhaps today is the day when Walker can tell Wisconsinites why he found the money to fly the state plane 24 miles from Appleton to Green Bay, but can’t find the money for public education or to fix the Scott-holes that have helped define his legacy,” said Courtney Beyer, DPW spokesperson. “Whether they’re driving on Walker’s crumbling roads or seeing their hard-earned tax dollars subsidize Walker’s excessive plane use, Wisconsinites are sick and tired of paying for Walker’s neglect and political ambition.”

Scott Walker has taken 65% more flights than any governor in the top 10 most populous states. Since dropping out of the presidential race in 2015, he’s racked up a $934,000 bill on more than 950 taxpayer funded flights. Walker even used the state plane to fly to Rhinelander to film a campaign commercial, costing taxpayers $2,017. 

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